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Journal of Ƶ Medicine


Evidence-based Scientific Books, Tools and Resources

Journal of Ƶ Medicine

Journal of Ƶ Medicine

Journal of Ƶ Medicine (JAM)

Published bi-monthly, ASAM’s peer-reviewed Journal promotes excellence in the practice of addiction medicine and in clinical research, supporting addiction medicine as a mainstream medical sub-specialty. The Journal is published for physicians and other mental health professionals who need the most current news and information related to treatment of addiction disorders information. Under the guidance of an , Journal of Ƶ Medicine’s peer-reviewed articles focus on developments in addiction medicine as well as on treatment innovations and ethical, economic, forensic, and social topics. Each issue of the journal offers .

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JAM Co-Editor Nominations


ASAM invites nominations and applications for the position of Co-Editor for the Journal of Ƶ Medicine (JAM) for a 3-year, renewable term. Co-Editors for the Journal of Ƶ Medicine help to guide the vision, strategy, energy, and leadership to produce a bimonthly journal that disseminates findings from groundbreaking research in addiction medicine through print and electronic media to diverse audiences.

The deadline for applicants is June 2, 2024.

Books & Textbooks

Principles of Ƶ Medicine 7th Edition

NEW - 

A fully reimagined resource, integrating the latest advancements and research in addiction medicine.

The seventh edition goes beyond a mere update. It's a fully reimagined resource, integrating the latest advancements and research in addiction medicine. With over 350 medical, research, and public health experts contributing, this edition is a testament to the collective wisdom and cutting-edge knowledge in the field.

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Produced and hosted by Shawn E. McNeil, MD, Director of Neuroinformatic Research & Associate Residency Program Director LSU Health Sciences Center.

These podcasts spotlight a single article from each JAM issue, offering Ƶ Medicine Professionals an in-depth view into the research articles' viewpoints. Podcasts delve into the authors' and researchers' experiences, contributing to significant advancements in the field. Each podcast presents an opportunity for listeners to engage with the journal's experts.

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