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The ASAM Criteria

Training & Consulting

Live and online courses designed to meet the learning needs of multiple audiences in making use of the ASAM Criteria

Licensed Trainers

ASAM's courses are designed to help counselors, social workers, administrators, utilization review staff and others develop patient-centered service plans and make objective decisions about patient admission, continued service, and transitions in care for individuals with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions. ASAM also works with licensed trainers to provide quality instruction on The ASAM Criteria.

ASAM Criteria Ƶal Offerings

Available live or online, the Criteria courses leverage real-world scenarios that prepare you to implement The ASAM Criteria® effectively within the context of system challenges.

Designed to help payers and managed care providers to develop a holistic understanding of the ASAM Criteria and their role in constructing a full range of services for patients with substance use disorders.

ASAM Continuum

Designed to provide further education for providers and clinicians on applying the principles taught in The ASAM Criteria 8-Hour Course and using the ASAM CONTINUUM software to support effective implementation and administration of individualized assessments. Host a live course.

These self-paced courses enhance your understanding of the standards and the rating elements of the ASAM Level of Care Certification in Levels 3.1, 3.5, and 3.7, and explain how these could be implemented into your program’s policies and procedures. Level of Care Certification for Fourth Edition is under development.

ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition Training Slides

A set of 300+ slides on the ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition is publicly available. To obtain the slides, accept and provide your contact information . You will be emailed the slides within a few minutes of .

Problems? Email us at asamcriteria@asam.org.

Licensed ASAM Criteria Training Vendors

ASAM offers licensing agreements for training vendors who wish to train on The ASAM Criteria. ASAM partners with some organizations as endorsed/designated trainers that are known to provide high-quality training. ASAM also offers a royalty-free option to be an independently licensed trainer.

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